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......Holidays of Summer Are Here .....

........“Summertime ..... and the Living Is Easy”...... is a stanza from a very popular song, that many of us hum or sing, when it pleasant out and love and  the joys of life are foremost on our mind.

Summertime also has the “Holidays of Summer” ….. Just think a moment and you'll remember there are four (4) very personal, unique holidays during the summer (more than any other season)  that embodies family and friends coming together, creating pleasurable memories that will be with us long after  "the Day" has gone, simply because they have their “roots” in our families. 

These four” Holidays of Summer” are:

                Mother’s Day         -     May 12

                Father’s Day            -    June 17

               Children’s Day        -    June 10

               Grand Parents’ Day – September 9

Okay, you are asking how can I remember all of these days, plus birthday, other holidays, etc.  It’s easy: Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May; Children’s Day is  the second Sunday in June; Father’s day is the third Sunday in June. And Grand Parent’s Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day in September.

Let’s focus on Children’s Day, because many do not realize there is a Day set aside for children.  Only seven cities in the US have proclamations dedicated to the second Sunday in June as Children’s Day; however, countries around the world give it more impetus than we do here in the US.

The purpose of the day is to show and demonstrate “faith, hope, love and commitment to our children. It has been written that “we need this day (Children’s Day) to evaluate our love for our children and demonstrate commitment to the betterment of children.

Historically, Children’s Day observation pre-dates both Mother's and Father’s Day. Celebrations of it began in the 1860’s.

So this year when you consider your “Holidays of Summer Celebrations” be creative recognize “mom” on her days and then bring “mom’s day” and “dad’s day” to your “children’s day celebration.  Bet you’ll have a great time, great memories, and a lot of “feel good feelings”.

“….cause it’s “summertime….and the living is easy…” and selecting a gift for your family celebrity or yourself from the 19 Collections in our store...will  make your special day complete.