.......Christmas Is Near ......

    Leaves are down, winter chills the air;

It's the time of year, when Christmas is near.

    Choir voices can be heard, 

Singing "Jingle Bells" and "Joy to the World" 

    Shoppers running "to and fro",  

    Getting a gift for all they know.

    Kids visit with Santa Claus --

While mom and dad buy their favorite toys. 

The hurrying and scurrying is so tiring,

Going here and there for last minute buying.

         At last .... everything is done,

And there are hopes you remembered everyone.

         But, now you're finished 'til next year,

When you realize --  Christmas is near.

               John Franklin Cody

""A joyous and memorable holiday season"

           ....to you, your family and friends.....

                 Life Enjoyable Solutions LLC