The holiday season has come and gone ....   plan now for the "Day of Love":  Valentine Day. If you can't seem to put together the right words, visit our Blog, and, here is a poem that might express your feelings:

                                            Thank You For Loving Me

Thank you for loving me,
      Giving joy all can see
You did it without trying,
      Never concerned about self-denial.
But then, the behavior you convey
      Shows sharing love is your forte’. 
Thank you for loving me,
     Providing strength to our love recipe.
After days of wandering emptiness,
    You enlightened my life, brought success.
I hope my actions demonstrate
    An appreciation of love, to which
    I can reciprocate.
But most of all, “Thank you for loving me,”
    Teaching how love is supposed to be.
J. Franklin Cody