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We ensure our lives include a variety of happy occasions (memory builders) or a "potpourri" of events and occasions that bring those results. Agreed? The word "potpourri" means a mixed collections. And basically that describes all of our lives, doesn't it? Our families interactions, our careers, time with friend and acquaintances, entertaining, "daydreaming,"special holiday events, a "just for instance" get together, a "my time" minute, "road" trip, weekend get-away, etc. And in today's chaotic world we search more and more for a "moment of pleasure", an hour of happiness, and days, months, years of good memories. The products we offer are a "potpourri" designed to support your various "moments of pleasure", moments of happiness. Please browse our store and shop .... we ship free and free returns... I have temporarily "paused" my store. Stay with me ... will be back soon"

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